Form 1040 Tax Return


What to Bring With You

 Prior year, 2006 Tax Return in your tax folder with attachments

 Copies of all W-2's

 Date paid and amount of your Estimated Tax Payments.

 Copies of all 1099-R (Retirement Plan) and/or SSA-1099 (Social Security)

 Copies of all 1099's (Interest, Dividends, Brokerage accounts)

 Copies of all K-1's from Partnerships, S-Corp's and Trusts

 Copies of all 1098's (Mortgage Interest & Home Improvement Loan Interest)

 List of all charitable deductions, both cash and non-cash (including car miles)

 Medical expenses, only if these exceed 7.5% of your total income

 Property taxes paid (i.e. on your home, second home, land, or vacation property)

 Un-reimbursed employee business & investment expense, only if these exceed 2% of your ������ total income and you are able to itemize (e.g. you own a house).

 If you are self-employed or otherwise claiming business use of car, then total miles and �� ������ business miles driven during 2007 are needed as well as Car Cost/Loan Interest.

 If you are self-employed, health insurance premiums paid (100% deductible)

 If you are self-employed, bring your QuickBooks or Quicken file on disk

 On stock & bond sales, you need purchase date and cost data

 Rental property income collected and expenses paid

 If you have young children, amount paid to Day Care and EIN# of provider(s)

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