My name is Marks Powers. Call me Marks. If you or your company have cash, I am certified to take it away from you. That's my guarantee.� I've been a CPA in Dallas since 1982 and received a MBA from SMU in 1985 as well as a BS-Finance from the University of Tennessee.�

 My accounting practice is focused on corporate, partnership, trust and business tax returns as well as personal Form 1040's for your respective owners and shareholders.� Your tax return will be prepared using my expertise, or lack thereof, in finding deductions while incorporating tax planning for your future business and personal tax returns.� And when you kick the bucket, rest assured I will be bilking your estate.

 I am a QuickBooks� Professional Advisor.� You can use this link to find useful QuickBooks� resources, answers, updates, and other info. With over 20 years experience using QuickBooks and Quicken, I've pretty much done it all.

 If you have financial issues in your business or personal life, I will generally give you helpful advice which you should follow to the letter.� Otherwise I will be yelling and screaming at you.� Yet another guarantee of mine to you, my beloved client�

 During tax season and most of the rest of the year, I answer the phone by the second ring.� You will not get an answering machine or someone else answering.� You get me, for better or worse.

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